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How can I get a 1 year female who is not fixed to stop peeing around the house?
I also have a 3 year male who is fixed. Can that have anything to do with why the female pees around the house?
The female may be going through tremendous hormonal stress and peeing to mark her territory because she is not spayed. Unless she's a pedigreed cat that you plan to breed or show, I'd recommend getting her spayed ASAP.

Whether or not you plan to spay her, though, you should take her to the vet for a checkup - urinary infection &/or urinary crystals are the most common cause for cats to start going outside of their boxes. Tell the vet what's going on, and ask for a urinalysis. If she's ill, she's in pain and can't help going out of the box occasionally - behavioral remedies will be useless until she's treated for the urinary health problems. Cats are good at hiding illness and pain (it's a survival tactic), so often the only clue you'll get that your cat may have urinary health problems is out-of-the-box urination.

If she checks out OK at the vet, it's possible that something about the litterbox itself, the litter, the box location, etc. is bothering her. See these links for suggestions:
Those links don’t mention it, but I highly recommend Cat Attract litter for helping with litter box problems. It can be found at most pet supply stores. Another thing to consider is the possibility that if your litter box has been in use for some time, the plastic may have absorbed odors – try replacing it with a new box to see if that helps.

Stress can cause inappropriate urination - cats can be stressed sometimes by things that we don't even notice, until we know what to look for. This article explains stress in cats & how to address it:

A Feliway Comfort Zone diffuser can help a great deal with stress & litterbox issues: www.petcomfortzone.com/czcats.htm

This link has extensive "out-of-the-box" resources: www.geocities.com/Heartland/Point…

You’ll also need to make sure that all previously soiled spots are cleaned with an enzyme cleaner, so the cat won’t be lured there again. This link has excellent urine spot locating and cleanup info: www.thecatsite.com/Care/48/Combat…
It's a 2-page article (the link to the second page at the bottom may be a little difficult to spot).

Hope this helps!
How do I prevent my female cat from peeing on my bed a lot? Maybe she feels threatened by the other male cat?
My two cats, one female and one male, have lived together now for almost 4 years, and still my female cat pees on our bed several times a week, sometimes 3 nights/days in a row, right after we wash the sheets every night. We've been using Urine Gone for the odors, but it doesn't seem to prevent the cat from peeing again? Any suggestions? I've thought about buying a cat urine plugin for the outlet; I've heard that helps.
Get rid of the cat or lock it out of the bedroom ~ this is becoming a health hazard for you and you don't want to get sick.
Why is my female cat peeing over the floor?
My cat is female and she has just started weeing over the floor - she is fully trained and has never done this before. It smells foul too!! She might even be pooing in the main hallway - althpugh this isnt confirmed. She is 2 yrs old and hasnt used a litter tray for over 8 months - and regularly goes outside to pee etc.. She normally Miows when she wants to go out.
How can I make her stop? I dont want to get rid of her!!

Best answer gets the points!
maybe she poorly and cant tell you she needs to wee in time ... if i was you id take her to the vet... give her a big hug ... i love cats ... good luck Hun
Why is my female cat peeing everywhere?
My 13 year old spayed female tabby has recently started peeing everywhere. I thought it might have something to do with the new litter box I bought her but she uses it to defecate. I clean out her litter box everyday because she wont use it if theres anything in there. Shes leaving massive puddles everywhere. I suspect she might have a urinary tract infection but Im not too sure. Any suggestions?
I think you're right.
First you need to rule out some physical possibilities...that means the vet, there is no other way. If you rule it out last and not first, and treat this as behavioural before looking at the physical this could wind up being very costly.
The fact that your cat still does #2 in the box tells me there is a very good chance this is a urinary infection - a quick course of antibiotics and she'll be right as rain.
You can prevent this from happening again by feeding her tinned and not dry food, part of the problem is most commercial foods have too many carbs (look at your dry food packet for the ingredients and bear in mind that in nature there would be under 3% carbs in their natural diet).
Vet first.
Good luck!
Why is my female cat peeing everywhere?
I have a 1 and a half year old female cat. She has been fixed. She is peeing everywhere in the house. Laundry basket, chair cushion and even in her litter box but cannot just pee in the litter box. This seem to just started happening. She use to only go in the litter box but now is going everywhere else. She poops in the box also. Please help! I love her and do not want to get rid of her.
Sounds like a trip to the vet is in order. Urinary problems in cats will cause frequent urination and in odd places. When my male cat's urethra was blocked, he went everywhere including the litter box and often but only in small amounts. I used to work for a vet so I took him in right away the night he started the peeing outside the box.

It is possible that it is behavioral but I would recommend ruling out the medical before making any rash decisions.

A feline urinary tract infection involves a variety of symptoms. It involves only the upper urinary tract. Cats with a urinary tract infection may exhibit mild to moderate symptoms. You might not even notice a mild infection if you're not watching your cat's elimination habits very closely. A cat with this illness may start to make more frequent trips to the litter box. Despite this, you might notice less urine in the box. Your cat may also begin to strain while trying to urinate as exhibited by spending a longer time in the box and maybe even making straining type noises. As the infection worsens, your cat may start experiencing pain during urination. If this happens, he'll associate the pain with the litter box and will then start urinating elsewhere.
Is there any difference in female peeing and ejaculation?
So I would like to know if it comes from the same place and or same fluid. I DONT want to get pissed in the face, especially with someone who might have aids. Thank you ladies and gents.
Of course. Urine comes from the bladder and exits via the urethra; the ejaculate comes from the Skein's glands that are connected to the urethra and also have their own openings. They are thought to be analogous to the male prostate.

If you don't wat to be peed on, have your partner urinate first...
My female dog is potty trained yet started peeing in the house even though she has a dog door?
I have two dogs, a male and female and they are very potty trained for many years yet now the female dog is peeing in the house only in one spot. We had the carpets cleaned and it stopped for a little while and now she is doing it agian. She will use the dog all day long yet I still find that she is peeing on the carpet in the corner. What do I do?
Could be any number of things, physical or psychological.

- any changes in the household, e.g. did a human move out or in?
- how old is she? could be an incontinence issue that hormone treatment would help, or a low-grade infection.

If she's crate-trained, maybe start using that again and taking her out frequently.
How can I get my NON-SPAYED female cat from peeing on all of my things?
My female cat is not spayed (*yet). In the interim until we get back from vacation (when her appointment to get spayed) how do we keep her from peeing on everything????????? She'll do it right in front of us!!

What we have tried:

1. Urine Gone
2. Clorox Bleach Spray
3. Soap & Water
4. Putting stuff on the furniture to block her (she still squeezes down and pees on it)

Anyone have any suggestions beyond locking her in our basement?
Do a little research / Ask around at pet stores / Ask a vet!!

How to stop female cat from peeing on laundry/blankets?
Our 2 five year old female cats have been peeing on any clothes left out. They have a litter box they've been using for their whole life and also go outside frequently. Why do they do this and how can I stop it?
They are encouraging you to pick up. If they are spayed and do not have UTIs, they have made a habit of claiming your clothing and bedding. Do check for UTI. You could try finding a scent they do not like to put on the items, but you probably wouldn't want to smell it either. Ask your vet or look for a behaviorist. You need to keep them out of where you leave your clothes.
Why is my female cat peeing all over the house?
I have a female cat and she is not spayed yet. She's had no problem peeing in the litter box until now. She has just starting going in to heat like every two weeks so I made the appt. to get her spayed. But she is peeing on everything!! Is she marking her teritory? Is she doing this b/c she's in heat? Will she stop when I get her fixed? How can I get her to stop? PLEASE help! I love this cat and I don't want to have to get rid of her.....PS>..any smart comments WILL be reported. I don't need to hear the blues of how I'm such the horrible person cause my cat isn't fixed yet...I KNOW and I'm getting her fixed next week. Thanks
Your first step is to check that the litter box is clean and that the litter is "fresh". (Even freshly-scooped litter can turn nasty if it's been there for awhile.) Female cats can be very picky about having a clean litterbox.

The next thing to do is to get her fixed ASAP (as you already know). :-) Cats in heat are absolutely unbearable with their yowling, peeing, and rolling on everything. She should calm down after she is spayed.

In order to prevent her from peeing in the same spot in the future, try using an enzyme cleaner such as "Nature's Miracle" to completely get rid of any trace of cat pee. Cats are like dogs in the way that if they smell traces of urine somewhere, they'll use the spot again. Be sure to get the good stuff, since (when it comes to truly eliminating any trace of pee) you get what you pay for.

Good luck!

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