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Hairy Beavers?
Why do big hairy beavers hide in the rain forest.
Big Hairy beavers have recently become an endangered species between the long legged tree roots of the Amazonian Rain Forest. Scientist have recently discovered GIANT hairy beavers reportedly living in the French Himalayas. The Giant beavers are Giant and vastly hairy some people believe they are merely just old Scandinavian women that have been cast out of civilization due to the bizzare birth defects of the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown which occurred nearly 20 years ago. Dr. Keposch Von Dueshenstien has published his recent finding on the Giant Hairy Beavers but has been shunned from the medical community for his findings.
If a woman is hairy down below does it put you off?
Some other guys at college refer to girls areas as hairy rats, beavers etc... emphasizing on the hair content yet they also laugh at what they call trawl nets. I was considering shaving it but smoothies look like young kindergarden girls areas. So men what do you really prefer?
Full bush! I want my partner to look like a real woman, not a 10 year old girl !! Hair is a lot more sexy. I can't believe so many girls have fallen for this shaving obsession, all started by men who are obsessed with the teenage virgin look, or worse still, have paedophile tendencies. Now many poor girls have even begun to think that hair is dirty! Someone has really been screwing with their brains!

Any man who prefers a woman to look like a guy, I would be very suspicious about.
Has anyone been to the Hairy Beaver in Atlanta?
Good Food, Good Service, good prices.... I would recommend it.

The Best dish is their Chicken Pot Pie with Rice Dumplings and Garlic.

you may be insane...
Ladies. My brother tells me he's bought a DVD 'In Search Of A Hairy Beaver' for Christmas. Is it a Disney film?
He won't tell me and says it's a surprise for Christmas day.
you'll love it doreen , Tarquin does spoil you xxx
Would you ever live in a town called "Hairy Beaver"?
Pun intended.
i'd pick hairy beaver over butt creek any day.

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