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How to do get a phat butt and wider hips n thick thighs?
i already have somewhat of a big butt, but i want bigger hips i am a very small build, and i want to find ways to incress my hips thigh and but size without gaining gross mucles, and without losing what i have laready
certain exercises, google. and yeah i guess eating helps?
THAT phat Butt has got to go?
ever since i was i can't remember, i've always had a big but
and sir-mix-lot (everybody knows his song) 'like big butts'
has really but me out for the big butts thing. let's just say i have perfected the the big butt without even trying for it... ish.
some guys like it (well really all they guy's that i have met like it) and all but now i want to get rid of it asap
so besides butt squads is there anyway to get my butt... smaller
Bike riding helps. A lot. My dad rides his bike all the time, and he has like no butt. Unfortunately, it doesn't to much for his pot belly...
Can you move your PHAT butt?
no, ive got a ba-donk-a-donk.....
How can I make my butt bigger and my stomach smaller?
i've always been told my butt is 'phat' and nice. well, lately i've been working out to make my stomach smaller, i'm not fat, I'm just working on my pack. i was just told that my butt is looking smaller, and that's the opposite of what i want.

how do i make my butt bigger, without getting rid of the 'jiggle' but still able to work on my stomach without losing my butt ?
Drink lots of whole milk and soy milk.

Eat lots of almonds, and peanut butter jelly sandwhiches.

Do deep squats with lots of weight and low reps, and free squats and just rep out to muscle failure, on alternating days. Throw some lunges in there every now and again.
I wear a size 3 in pants but I don't fill them out in the butt AT ALL Except for my Baby Phat jeans....?
which i fill out nicely. Which brands can i buy that will make me look like i have a butt. Would a size 2 long work? I am 19 and 5"6 so some size 3's even are too short for me. Please help!!
Try Abercrombie & Fitch... I've found they seem to be made for people with less junk in the trunk, plus they are a bit longer.
How to get a baby phat body?
I have great hips,boobs,and butt! I have some problems with belly fat. I need to loose about 15 pounds of belly phat in 3weeks-1month can anyone help.
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you can't lose that much weight in a healthy manner in that amount of time, especially not from one area. but your best bet is a lot of medium-intensity cardio for a long duration of time, light weight lifting with high reps to tone yourself, and some core work like ab crunches or bicycles
How can I make my butt smaller?
Well I dont like the size of my butt :(
Im Rican and Black
But yea, Im sick of guys being perverted as.s holes.
Phat *** -.- Im not fat either. 132lb's, 5'7, 16yr.ol
I hate it.
So what are some excersises I could do?
put your back agains the wall, bend your legs to a 90 degree angle, so pretty much sit on the air, you'll feel the burn on your legs but trust me my girlfriend loved my coach because of that.

i say you do 1 minute reps. as much as you want to do.

trust me it will look good.

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