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Would you let your teen daughter wear a micro bikini in the hot tub? just with her friends?
my daddy won't let me. kinda angry! I don't wanna wear a one piece. I wanna wear the skimpy little micro, because all my friends will be wearing them. I don't want to feel left out. I already bought it. would be a waste of money not to wear it.
Well, first off all, I know that this seems like the biggest deal in your life right now. I don't mean to sound patronizing, because I'm a 15 year old girl, so I of all people get it.

But try and see this from your dads point of view. Its hard to see his daughter growing up and wanting to wear such things. It is just your friends, but maybe he just can't handle it right now? If I were your dad I probably wouldn't let my daughter wear a micro bikini. Seriously, can you try a regular one? He might allow it. Or just the top and some short board shorts?Or try to rationalize or bargain with your father. ☺ Anyway. Once this has passed, I guarantee both you and your friends will forget all about it. There will be other times, I promise.

Good luck, hope I helped! ♥
How disturbing is this to everybody?
Alright.. everyone knows guy pornography is illegal and everyone hates it and it is so disgusting, but what about some of those teen and age modeling sites depicting young girls (under 17) in skimpy bikinis posing suggestively, or on top of another young female and they are both smiling, or pre-teens all over each other in a bath tub, or all soapy and clinging to each other.

Another example is a picture of a girl standing up and her shirt is up to her chest area, showing her tummy and wearing short shorts, or another picture of a pre-teen with a towel covering her nude body so they are not showing her breasts or vagina. Those kind of things make me wonder.. are some guy/pre-teen/teen modeling websites the legal version of guy pornography? Are they getting away with more then we notice?

All of these sites have a legal notice. And they are all similar in what they say. "All the content found on (site name) does not contain any nudity or sexually explicit material. All content is artistic, non-nude and all images have been checked to assure appropriateness for appearance on this site."

Little by little, they will be bridging the gap between guy porn and guy modeling. It will take a while, but thats the plan, don't let people notice, one year a pre-teen model is waving at a camera on a beach in a bikini.

People will say "Thats fine, the picture looks nice." The next year, it will be a different model on a beach with her finger in her mouth
"Oh, so cute" The next year a model on a beach with a smaller bikini

And the next year, less bikini more skin, more suggestive, but hey! It is not sexual, she isn't nude or having intercourse, so we can't be sued! Maybe I am crazy for thinking this but I want your opinions.. any thoughts on this issue?
i read this whole thing and i agree with you. These sites could very well be the a legalized form of guy porn. its just disgusting how they get away with this.
Is it OK to walk outside wearing ONLY a panty and a bra?
Of course it's not! so then why do so many women wear those skimpy bikinis? what's the difference? Some of those bikinis are more revealing than underwear. I'm aware that not everyone wears revealing "pantinis" but for those of you who do-why do you? Let me just state that I am disgusted by the immodesty of American women! Some women in other countries aren't even allowed to wear bikinis. But my family and i went to a water park in florida a week ago,and what i saw appalled me-women walking around in close to nothing. I saw butt fat, pubic hairs, dangling cellulite, butt dimples, thunder thighs,-things that nobody but your husband and the Lord should know about. And black gurls-some of u got too much junk in the trunk to be flaunting a two piece that was designed for a flat butt size two gurl. Tuck it in guys. Sheesh. I respect gurls who have the decency to wear a onepiece, a big t-shirt or atleast a pair of shorts over their bikinis.Sadly, not many women do this, instead they flaunt what their mama and the curly fries and the Big mac gave them. So women/teens/gurls, why do you all do it? Have ye no shame? Don't you feel a bit naked when you wear a skimpy bikini? If not, then why not invite the whole world into your bedroom?
Haha...absolutely not.
I understand that.
Well,it happens not only in America.
Even in Asia,wearing a bikini or something like that is really usual for all those girls.
I don't really get it either.
Some of them are more terrible than bikini,make me want to puke and make me feel terrible for showing up their vital area..
But,this is the reality in our society.
We can't change it,almost every woman do that,because they wanna show up their body or something like that.
Degradation of moral,yeah you know it dude.
The era has changed.
Speedo/swim brief debate. What do you think?
What is everyones ideas on boys, teens an men wearing speedos/ swim briefs? When I was around 10 all my friends wore them including me, but I eventually switched to trunks around 12. Im 20 now an now wanting to switch back to a swim brief! I am a straight male with a fit body. The main reason I want to switch back is to get a better tan. Trunks make for a uneven tan. I don't understand why some people have double standards ( wemon can wear skimpy bikinis but males can't). Not all men, or wemon for that fact should wear skimpy swim wear! A mans package is anatomy, every male has is as do wemon have breasts, so why such a big deal? A brief style swim suit provides a better tan, it drys quicker, an better manuverability in the water! When at the beach in the ocean an a big wave comes you won't be pushed around as easily as you would with baggy trunks! Please all thoughts an input on the subject!
i think a guy in a speedo is bold! its awesome. usually you only see speedos on swim teams and such. but when i see a guy on the beach in a speedo, i think its awesome. dare to be different?
How is public nudity treated differently in Europe versus the USA?
For example, I know female toplessness is allowed in many beaches and swimming pools in Europe. Is this common? I mean, is the average girl likely to just strip off her shirt if she feels like it? Or is this a modesty thing (ie, toplessness would be comparable to wearing a skimpy bikini in the USA)? Also, is it just adults who does this or teens as well (or would the parents be like, "you are not going out of the house looking like that young lady!) Is baring one's breasts perceived as slutty?

Also, in the USA there is this sort of mystical aura regarding breasts, especially among teenage males (in books and movies (American Pie, etc.) it is common for the characters to fantasize about seeing the bare breasts of their attractive acquaintances, for instance). Do boobs have this same element of titilating (no pun intended) mystery around them in Europe, or does the increased exposure turn them into "just another body part" in the collective psyche?

One more thing--is it common to change clothes in public? I've heard that sometimes people will change into their bathing suits alongside a pool or on the beach (quickly, mind you--without making a show of it). Is this true??

I know this is a lot of questions... but I'm curious about whether Europe shares the collective obsession we Americans have concerning the human body.
Americans are Puritanical about a lot of things. Nudity is one of them.

In Europe, the attitude is "whatever." And no one thinks anything about it. Except Americans, whose eyes bug out the first time they see it.
How to thin the thinghs?
hi im just your average teen im very slim and a lot of people say they want my body..

and if your just gonna tell me you shouldnt care what people think of you well whatever just dont bother answereing this question..

anyways are class is going to the waterpark and all of my friends are wearing skimpy bikinis ya im fine w/ that cuz i look good in it lol

but anyways i have prolly the most chicken bone like legs you could find haah but when it comes to my thighs they are FAT and i mean disgusting fat.. i was just wondering if there are any of some easy exercises to slim them down a little bit so i can feel more confident with myself

and i have a small flabby butt haha.. help me fix that too!

please help id be so happy if you did =] thanks
Just run, it works your arms and legs
Is it normal to be influenced by your friends and family with regard to wearing colored underwear?
When I was growing up as a guy and teen my mom got me colored underwear and said to me I wear it so I thought you would like it. It was amazing how she knew what colors to get me. One pack had grey and black and others were different solid colors as well as Jockey life.

Do you think because my mom wore colored underwear like black she thought I would like it?

With your son how did you get him to start wearing colors? Did you get him cool underwear like Jockey Life? My mom said to me that wearing colored underwear is better than plain white and you won't want to wear white again and now I have different styles and colors.

I never got into boxers or boxer briefs but I got into other underwear like sports briefs, string bikinis, bikinis , low-rise underwear in colors.

How is it that some parents only get white for their sons and others like my parents got me colors and when I went shopping I picked out what I wanted even if it was skimpy like bikinis and they had no problems unlike other friends said their parents were strict with bikini underwear.
Well, I thing it's weird that your family bonds through underwear...

But, hey, who am I to judge?
How can people even stand TV stars like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lavato, and Vanessa Hudgens.....? ?
How can people even stand them? How can people look up to them? How can people admire them?
What many people don't realize is that all of the above mentioned girls have "leaked" photos where they are in skimpy outfits, bikinis, totally nude, etc, etc. All of the girls have been caught, often on film, being bitches to each other. (Like Miley posting rude comments and videos about Demi and Selena, and then Demi and Selena being just as immature by also posting rude comments and videos about Miley.) These girls are what many would refer to as slutty, rude, immature, and not any more talented than your average teen girl or more beautiful than the average teen girl. (They all wear tons of make up and some of them have dyed their hair a lot and some have fake tans, so they look fake.)

I agree that these girls are somwhat pretty and somewhat talented, but there are so many girls that are, why should they get so much special attention? You know what I mean?

i agree!!!! you are totally right!!!! the lifestyle of TV stars are almost always dangerous or inappropriate in some way. i cant think of a single movie star that hasnt leaked gross pics, or done drugs, or gotten pregnant early, or something like that!!! miley is especially horrible!!!
My 13 YO niece is totally out of control, what should I do?
This is a long post, but please read. My sis called me on the phone in tears the other day. She is a single parent with a 13 year old daughter who is totally out there and out of control, and she's asking me for help.

I was shocked! This little girl used to be a beautiful and innocent guy. Sharp 'A' student in school and an awesome guy all around. About 2 years ago, I expressed a concern to her mother about some changes that I'd noticed in her. Some of this stuff is the mother's fault. This guy matured early. She now looks 17 or 18, and she's very pretty so all the boys are chasing after her. The mother used to dress her up in clothes and makeup to make her look older than her age and enter her in beauty pageants all over the place. And the more of them she won, the more of them she traveled cross country to enter her into. I almost fell off my chair when the mother e-mailed me some photos of her several moths ago, wearing skimpy bikini swimwear in a so-called 'model shoot' featuring her boobs and butt hanging out----TOTALLY inappropriate for a girl her age. The makeup, the hair, the clothes, the fingernails, etc. it was all just too too much. Instead of a 13 yo girl, she looked like she was auditioning for a part in a sleazy hip hop video. It made me want to vomit. The mom insisted that I was overreacting and that she didn't see anything wrong with it.

I also noticed that there was a difference in the type of friends she was keeping ever since she joined up with the cheerleader thing at her school. Those other girls were just---well, different. They were all 'out there' and had a nasty reputation for getting around with different boys. As a parent myself I suggested to my sis that she pull her out of these activities before she got in too deep. She continued to say that nothing was wrong. The last time I saw my niece, my jaw dropped to the floor. she used to listen to the bubblegum Disney music like Miley Cyrus and act like a little girl, but now she's 'come out' and she's into the hardcore rap/hip hop stuff and she's turned into a manipulating, spoiled rotten brat because she's now so used to getting everything and having things her own way.

Fast forward a year later, her mother is getting letters from the school that she needs to come in because they have serious concerns about her failing grades and absenteeism. The neighbors have also told her disturbing news about "friends" who come over to the house with her after school (while her mom is at work). And she has found out from one of the neighbors' sons who attends the same school that the girl has a nasty reputation for sleeping around with a bunch of different boys there. Once she realized that her mother found out about all this, she overdosed herself and left a suicide note a few nights ago. The mother went into her room and found the room in complete darkness with her passed out on the floor with blood and a razor that she had used to slit one of her wrists. She was rushed to the ER where they had to pump her stomach and then she was in intensive care. Now she's under lockdown and on suicide watch in a teen psych facility.

Her father is in the military and away on deployment. But he is legally separated from her mother, who also has sole custody. I can't stand to sit back and watch this guy ruin her life, and I know its probably only a matter of time before she gets pregnant or catches some nasty disease or AIDS.

Now I'm worried about both of them. I'm seriously thinking about telling my sister to temporarily give me custody of this girl so that she can come live with us for a while. This little girl needs some STRONG discipline to straighten her out or she's going to end up in juvi sooner or later. She knows she won't be able to manipulate me and that she'd need to get her act together, or else. Its just so heartbreaking to see this happen. I'm writing all this to hear from all you other parents out there who've had to deal with these issues. I've always been tough with my own guys, not in a nasty or abusive way but I talk to them in plain English and put everything out on the table. We have a no holds barred communication policy in my house and everyone understands what is acceptable behavior in this family and what is not. How is it possible for a parent to love and spoil a guy so much that they willfully blind themselves to the fact that the guy is going astray? I feel obliged to save this little girl from herself before it is too late. Do you think I'm right for stepping in, or should I mind my own business?
I don't think you should get custody of her, because ultimately she needs to learn that her mum is the person she needs to respect.

It shouldn't be a matter of getting custody OR minding your own business - I reckon the best you can do is be there to support your sister and guide them towards doing the right thing (e.g. be there as a mediator, or get all of them to attend family counselling). If your sister genuinely can't take it and needs a break, THEN offer to have your niece stay over for a few days.
Stretch marks! swimsuit! help!?
ok this is a slightly embarrassing question for me to ask.. but well i was wondering if a swimsuit would cover my stretch marks? So here's the story, I have always been so thin that people say I am anorexic, not true. I eat like a horse. And over the past few years I have grown a bit, quickly. Which caused me to get horrible evil stretch marks that I loath. I am 5 foot 2 and my weight varies from 92-96 pounds, so I am petit. I have icky marks on the lower part of my breasts, on the outer top sides of my thighs like below my hips and to the side) both of these are faded and white ish... and sorta thin and small.. then i have gigantic thick, more noticeable marks on my hip bones...And it's uncomfortable especially the breast ones, as people usually associate stretch marks with being unhealthy or over weight... and i am in love with this suit (either the orange and blue or red and blue) www.bodenusa.com/en-US/Teen-Girls-Swimwear/96005-NAV/Teen-Girls-Deep-Blue-Anchors-Bandeau-Bikini.html do you think it would give me enough "coverage" are there any other good cute not too revealing suits out there? I don't know if this will help but I am a size 32B my waist is 24 inches and pants I wear a size 0,00, or smaller I think my overall measurements are 34,24,34.
please keep in mind that I am 15, so I don't want to be wearing anything super skimpy, or something that might fall off in a pool.

Thanks so much for your help!
That is a very cute swimsuit. :) If you love it, you should get it.

My recommendation is to use a self-tanner. Try Jergens.
I read an article online saying that if you use self tanner, it will decrease the appearance of stretch marks. I tried it on mine (I had the same problem :/) and it worked for me.

Also, if you decide to cover your marks instead, there are many cute options for one-pieces or skirted bottoms.
Monokinis are hot this season.

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